Some Recent Happenings

Dr. BBQ, Ray Lempe

Ray Lempe, aka "Dr BBQ" stopped by to go over the finer points on the up and coming Big Green Egg now used by many teams on the competitive cooking circuit to wow over the judges. Ray has been seen many times on The Food Network. The pork shoulder was AWESOME.

dr bbq

AGA the 4 Oven Cooker Taste Drive

On January 23rd our AGA representative gave us a 2 hour AGA Taste Drive. It was awesome. We had just enough to really test our AGA cooking skills yet learn a ton about the wonderful AGA. John did a fabulous job of really answering our questions and showing us the "cooker" ins and outs.

aga oven test drive
aga oven test drive

Miele Full Meal in 45 minute Demonstration

On March 1, 2008 our Miele representative Randy Gunther was able to do an in depth meal for some 13 or 14 prospective customers. This allows us to really get into what makes the Miele such a great kitchen/meal tool. We can really compare benefits with other manufacturers.

miele oven demo
miele oven demo 2